A Suspense/Horror film written and to be directed by Sean McConville.

On the night of a full moon a man invites his estranged brother to their remote family home to reveal the shocking news that he was attacked by a werewolf on a recent business trip to Vancouver. As the evening unfolds it becomes clear the man lured his brother to the house in order to trick him into shooting him with silver bullets because he believes he will kill his wife and daughter when he transforms into a beast at midnight, as werewolves are wont to do, for it is said they are tragically cursed to destroy the things they love the most. It might be the delusions of a madman, or an elaborate hoax, but as midnight approaches the brothers’ reunion takes a disturbing turn, ending in a way neither could have expected.

THE LAST MOON is a Hitchcockian style Suspense/Horror film in the vein of 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE.

“A very strong piece and an excellent addition to the single location horror genre. A deeply human story” .

Top 1% percentile on Wescreenplay

Rating: Recommended.

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