A Supernatural Thriller written and to be directed by Sean McConville this autumn.

On the night of a full moon a man reveals to his brother the shocking news he was attacked by a werewolf on a business trip to Vancouver and is now cursed. As the evening unfolds it becomes clear he lured his brother to their remote childhood home to trick him into shooting him with silver bullets during transformation in order to keep his beloved wife and daughter safe from his blood lust. It might very well be the antics of a madman, but as doubt creeps in and midnight approaches the brothers’ reunion gradually takes a disturbing, frightening twist. A chilling thriller in the vein of 1O CLOVERFIELD LANE and DEATH AND THE MAIDEN.



A sci-fi Horror written and to be directed by Sean McConville.

When an alien force blacks out the sun a young family must survive in a perpetually dark world full of predatory creatures. BLACK SKY is a low budget gritty British sci-fi horror along the lines of VANISHING ON 7TH STREET and SIGNS.



On the last day of a family holiday on the Yorkshire moors a young family wake to discover something unknown has blacked out the sun, plunging the moors into permanent darkness. Seeking answers, the family drive to the nearest village, only to discover its inhabitants have inexplicably vanished. In the village pub they meet a lone survivor who reveals photosensitive alien creatures now prowl the moors, protected by a cloak of artificial darkness they’ve created by blacking out the sun with organic, fibrous shields. Worse, the alien creatures attack humans, causing a violent allergic reaction and instant death. And the only way to protect yourself is with light. Without diesel to escape the remote moors, the family have no choice but to return to the cottage and board it up as they brace themselves for what might be the end of the world. As their meagre supply of candles and batteries die out the family are forced to fight for their survival when alien creatures surround the cottage. But how long can the family survive in a world where predatory creatures stalk the darkness?

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