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A Suspense/Horror film written and to be directed by Sean McConville.

On the night of a full moon a man who believes he was bitten by a werewolf invites his estranged brother to their remote family home to deceive him into shooting him with a silver bullet at midnight when he turns. 

THE LAST MOON is a Hitchcockian style suspense/horror film in the vein of 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Babadook.

2021 Frontières  Co-Production Market Selection (Forum section)

2021 European Genre Forum Selection.

Winner of the Irish Film London Fellowship to the 2021 Stowe Narrative Lab.

2021 BiFan’s NAFF Project Market Selection

2021 Film London Production Finance Market (PFM) Selection

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A sci-fi thriller written and to be directed by Stéphanie Joalland

Troubled neuro-parasitology expert JED is summoned to an underground research facility in the Arctic. A fracking accident has unearthed a mysterious parasitic bacterium and the only survivor is his wife, ABIGAIL, a micro-biologist. Called Dolosos, the ancient organism seems to be able to hack into her brain and enhance her mental faculties. Does Dolosos represent the next stage of our evolution or are we about to be subsumed by an alien intelligence?

A contained cerebral sci-fi thriller in the vein of EX MACHINA and MOON, ICE explores a new thought-provoking view of Evolution to delve into the question of what it means to be human.

Selected for:  2020 Sofia Meetings Co-Production market, Frontières Co-Production Market @ Fantasia, NAFF It Project Market @ BiFan, Filmarket Hub’s UK Online Pitchbox.

Voted Best UK Project during the 2019 JETS Co-Production Initiative during Berlinale (below).  2020 ISA Fast Track Fellowship Top 50. Finalist of the 2020 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Competition and 2020 Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices competition. 

Frenzy Films recently secured a deal with NYC-based Visit Films  (It Follows, Primer, Upstream Color) to market and distribute ICE.

“Ice’s ideas and the vision of the filmmaker had me hooked from the first word. A smartly conceived film with limited need for locations and a small cast make this one potentially very appealing for financiers, not to mention the fact that the film taking place almost entirely inside means the production could happen almost anywhere, a plus in these uncertain times.”  Screen Anarchy.



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