A sci-fi thriller written and to be directed by Stéphanie Joalland.

Troubled neuroparasitology expert JED is summoned by UK authorities to investigate the impact on the human brain of a mysterious parasitic bacteria discovered in the Arctic during a fracking accident. Called Dolosos, the million year-old organism seems to be able to hack into the human mind and enhance our mental faculties. Does it represent the next stage of our evolution or are we about to be subsumed by an alien intelligence?

A contained sci-fi thriller in the vein of EX MACHINA and MOON, ICE delves into the question of what it means to be human.

Selected for the 2019 JETS Co-Production Initiative during Berlinale where it was voted Best UK Project.




A sci-fi Horror written and to be directed by Sean McConville.

When an alien force blacks out the sun a young family must survive in a perpetually dark world full of predatory creatures. BLACK SKY is a low budget gritty British sci-fi horror along the lines of VANISHING ON 7TH STREET and SIGNS.



While on holiday in a remote region of the Yorkshire moors a young family wakes to discover that a self-replicating black substance has blacked out the sun, plunging the moors… and possibly the whole world… into permanent darkness and sending temperatures plummeting.

Seeking answers to the mysterious presence in the sky, the family drives to the nearest village, only to discover that the inhabitants have inexplicably vanished. In the village pub they meet a lone survivor who reveals that photosensitive alien creatures now prowl the moors, protected by the cloak of artificial darkness they’ve created by blacking out the sun. Worse, the alien creatures attack humans, causing a violent allergic reaction and instant death, and the only way to protect yourself is with light. Without diesel to escape the moors, the family have no choice but to return to the cottage and board it up to wait it out.

But at the temperatures continue to plunge, and their meagre supply of candles and batteries dies out, the family is forced to fight for their survival. But how long can they survive in a world of perpetual darkness and predatory alien creatures?


Supernatural Horror written and to be directed by Stéphanie Joalland.

A French 15-year-old girl, traumatized by the recent death of her mother, is sent to a rural Canadian community to attend an English summer program and soon becomes prey to a woodland creature which tries to lure her into its lair through her dreams.



A Supernatural Horror written and to be directed by Sean McConville.

A young mechanic buys a classic car haunted by the vengeful spirit of a teenage girl who was murdered in the back seat. A supernatural horror set in Detroit that explores love and redemption in the vein of IT FOLLOWS and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.




A sci-fi Thriller written and to be directed by Stéphanie Joalland.

In the future, where global warming has wiped out the entire ecosystem, a female bio-engineer is sent back in time to convince a paranoid scientist to trust her with samples of a highly resistant seed he created that could save humanity from self-destruction. This is a contained high concept science-based story designed to be produced on a modest budget à la “Moon”.



Action-Comedy-Horror written by Sean McConville

Struggling non-league football team, Whitby United, is bought by an Eastern European vampire entrepreneur, Vladamir Mogdovavich, who’s hell-bent on taking them into the premier league. Ex-Arsenal star and captain of the team, Bobby Edwards, must rise up against the vampires to save the beautiful game from being infected by the living dead. A British action-comedy-horror in the vein of The World’s End and Shawn Of The Dead.

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