Supernatural Horror written and to be directed by Stéphanie Joalland.

A French 15-year-old girl, traumatized by the recent death of her mother, is sent to a rural Canadian community to attend an English summer program and soon becomes prey to a woodland creature which tries to lure her into its lair through her dreams.



A Supernatural Horror written and to be directed by Sean McConville.

A young mechanic buys a classic car haunted by the vengeful spirit of a teenage girl who was murdered in the back seat. A supernatural horror set in Detroit that explores love and redemption in the vein of IT FOLLOWS and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.




A sci-fi Thriller written and to be directed by Stéphanie Joalland.

In the future, where global warming has wiped out the entire ecosystem, a female bio-engineer is sent back in time to convince a paranoid scientist to trust her with samples of a highly resistant seed he created that could save humanity from self-destruction. This is a contained high concept science-based story designed to be produced on a modest budget à la “Moon”.



Action-Comedy-Horror written by Sean McConville

Struggling non-league football team, Whitby United, is bought by an Eastern European vampire entrepreneur, Vladamir Mogdovavich, who’s hell-bent on taking them into the premier league. Ex-Arsenal star and captain of the team, Bobby Edwards, must rise up against the vampires to save the beautiful game from being infected by the living dead. A British action-comedy-horror in the vein of The World’s End and Shawn Of The Dead.

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