UK-based FRENZY FILMS, founded by Sean McConville from London, UK, and Stéphanie Joalland from Brittany, France, operate between London and Los Angeles. Inspired by their UCLA Film education, the entrepreneurial way Hollywood makes movies, and Blumhouse Productions, Sean and Stéphanie created Frenzy Films to produce the kind of elevated genre fare they love to watch: The Witch, Let the Right One In, Ex Machina, Under The Skin, Blue Ruin, The Babadook, and It Follows being great examples. We love to think outside of the box, be disruptive in our approach to filmmaking, yet make movies as risk-free as possible for investors by producing streamlined budgeted genre films with the ability to reach a worldwide audience. We’re currently seeking a senior Executive Producing partner who can work with us to grow the company further and help bring our wonderful slate of film and TV projects to life. Our next feature film, THE LAST MOON, a suspense/horror film is set to shoot winter 2020.
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