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Sean and Stéphanie created FRENZY FILMS to produce the kind of elevated genre fare they love to watch, movies such as The Witch, Ex Machina, and The Babadook. Our goal is to produce elevated genre movies that appeal to cinephiles, festival programmers, film critics, and genre film fans alike. At Frenzy Films we love to think outside of the box, be disruptive in our approach to filmmaking, yet make movies as risk-free as possible for our investors by keeping our stories contained with minimal characters, minimal locations, and minimal FX. We’re currently seeking producing partners who can work with us to bring our wonderful slate of films to life. Our next films, THE LAST MOON, a suspense/horror film, and ICE, a sci-fi thriller, are scheduled to begin production winter 2021 and summer 2022 respectively. THE LAST MOON was recently selected for the 2021 European Genre Forum, BiFan’s NAFF Project Market and Frontières Co-Production Market, and ICE has just attached NYC-based Visit Films for international sales.

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Our partners include:

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